Learn About California History at Colton Hall Museum

March 15, 2018
Category: Family Tourist Attractions in Monterey

The Colton Hall Museum is an emblem in California’s history. The museum provides a rich history of the origins of California’s statehood, as well as an in-depth understanding of Early Monterey, CA. The Colton Hall Museum is a wonderful place to visit to learn more about the origins of California and how the state’s first Constitution was developed. A visit to this museum is bound to be an exciting learning experience for everyone.

About the Colton Hall Museum

The Colton Hall Museum is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven days a week. The Museum can be located in Monterey, California, on Pacific Street. This street is between both Jefferson and Madison Streets. The museum is located directly adjacent to the friendly plaza.

The Colton Hall Museum was built to be a school house and a meeting hall for the public; historically, it is now famous for being the building wherein the first draft of California’s Constitution was created in 1849. The structure was constructed in the 1840’s as a public building. Consisting of two floors, the Colton Hall Museum is located on the second floor of the Colton Hall building. The structure was established as a museum by the city in 1949. This building was named after Walter Colton, a local business who was responsible for coordinating the construction of the place. The Colton Hall Museum is now a historical monument, and an icon in the history of California.

Admission into the Colton Hall Museum is free. In addition to this, tours are available during all open hours. Touring the museum will take you through a recreation of the hall where California’s Constitution was created, while viewing exhibits that will inform you about life in Early Monterey. While seeing these exhibits, you may also get the opportunity to see the Old Monterey Jail and learn more about Colton Hall. Colton Hall is mostly occupied by offices of Planning and Building Departments. The Old Monterey Jail is located adjacent to the museum, and is sure to make your visit to the Colton Hall Museum a wonderful and educational time.

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