Taste Wine at A Taste of Monterey

June 15, 2018
Category: Monterey Tourism

There is no better way to experience the true flavor and culture of Monterey than to make a visit to A Taste of Monterey. This Wine Market and Bistro is renowned for supplying exceptional wines to restaurants and eateries all over Monterey, while providing friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere. This Wine Market and Bistro is known for hosting events, providing wonderful wine tasting experiences, and offering an educational understanding of Monterey Wine Country, making this the perfect place to visit while exploring the city.

About A Taste of Monterey

Tastings are hosted at A Taste of Monterey at “The Official” Regional Wine Visitor’s Center. Each tasting includes a Wine Country Cuisine, local craft beers, and a gorgeous panoramic view of the city from the venue. Each tasting fee can be waived with the purchase of 2 bottles of wine from the company. In addition to this, private tastings and group events can be scheduled within this 400 square foot space. Wine tastings at A Taste of Monterey are held from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Some highlights of visiting this Wine Market and Bistro include the exceptional variety of food available at the bistro, the quality wine, and the 360-degree view available from the venue. This Wine Market and Bistro thrives off of its individual design, as well as the unique experiences a visit to this venue will provide. Events are frequently hosted at this facility, and this company even provides sales at restaurants which serve their wine. For example, the “No Corkage Fee” program is a coupon which can be used at a variety of restaurants to waive the corkage fee. More information on which restaurants this coupon can be used at is available here.

Found along the Edward F. Ricketts State Marine Conservation Area, A Taste of Monterey is also located nearby the Stargazer Inn and Suites, making it the ideal place to stay while in the area. This hotel provides impressive guest amenities and friendly customer service, making it the ideal place to stay while exploring this Wine Market and Bistro. To reach A Taste of Monterey from the Stargazer Inn and Suites, simply take Abrego Street to Washington street. Following this, turn left on Lighthouse Avenue, followed by a right onto Foam Street, and another right onto Prescott Avenue. Make a left onto Cannery Row, followed by another right and you will arrive at the destination.

Stay at Stargazer Inn and Suites

While visiting A Taste of Monterey, enjoy your stay at the Stargazer Inn and Suites. Located conveniently within 8 minutes of the hotel, Stargazer Inn and Suites offers the best rates when you book directly at: www.stargazerinnandsuitesmonterey.com