Visit the Carmel Mission Basilica

July 15, 2018
Category: Monterey Tourism

Monterey, California is a gorgeous coastal city, renowned for being home to a vast amount of history and beauty. This city is a fantastic place to vacation for those who yearn to learn more about the state of California while taking in the awe-striking landscape of the Pacific coastline. There are plenty of places to go and sites to see, but the first of these to visit should be the Carmel Mission Basilica.

About the Carmel Mission Basilica

The Carmel Mission Basilica is a collection of museums, which have on display a plethora of artifacts preserving the history of California prior to its statehood. Established in 1771, this museum is formally known as Mission San Carlos Borromeo del Rio Carmelo. One of these museums, the Basilica Church, is even a National Historic Landmark, creating the focal point of the site. The other museums are as follows, the Harry Downie Museum, the Munrás Family Heritage Museum, the Jo Mora Chapel Gallery, and the Convento Museum. The Carmel Mission Basilica, with all of these museums in combination, stands to preserve the historical and cultural effect the mission had on the city of Monterey and the future statehood of California, while also preserving the gorgeous design of the structure of the buildings.

With so many museums to peruse, it’s no wonder that there are plenty of things to do while exploring the attraction. There is even a Mission Store on the grounds, and events are frequently hosted in the area. Tours of the grounds are offered to adults and students alike, and self-guided tours are also made available to those who prefer them. For more information on these tours, search here.

The Carmel Mission Basilica is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. The cost of admission for adults is $9.50, and $7 for senior citizens. Children ages 7 and up can be admitted for $5, and all children under the age of 6 may enter for free.

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