Walk the Historic Cannery Row in Monterey

November 15, 2017
Category: Family Tourist Attractions in Monterey

Monterey, being located along the Pacific, has a storied maritime history, which is impressed upon to this day. With its rich sea life, Monterey Bay was at one time a major fishery that specialized in the catch of sardines.  The 1800s saw a sardine boom and the current area around Fisherman’s Wharf was teeming with fishing trawlers dropping their catch at a collective of sardine canning factories.

About Historic Cannery Row in Monterey

Historic Cannery Row, which was until January 1958, named Ocean View Avenue, started out as wagon ruts from Monterey and was previously the site of the now defunct factories for sardine canning. The street was renamed Cannery Row in order to honor John Steinbeck and his popular novel, Cannery Row. In the opening sentence of Steinbeck’s well-known novel, the street was described using such amazing detail that it brought the liveliness of Cannery Row to the fore. Cannery Row is now a site of Monterey’s top tourist attraction with lots of shops, galleries, restaurants and hotels, with most of them located in former cannery buildings. There are also some privately owned fishing companies located on Cannery Row, sited on piers which are located a short distance away from the historic district which is now frequented by tourists. The public fishing facilities at the Cannery Row have become increasingly popular among sport anglers in recent years.

Nearby San Carlos Beach and MacAbee Beach are popular sites for launching kayaks and San Carlos Beach in particular is one of the most popular scuba-diving spots of the Monterey Bay. Cannery Row bustles with activities today, and Steinbeck’s history has been a big factor. The historic maritime spirit upon which it was founded still remains current today.

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